CIENCIA VIDEOS BioLUXsonic, software and mobile APP for voice analysis,


Everything comes out of ANALYZING THE HUMAN VOICE, as it is our musical instrument, it expresses our emotions and our energetic state of health. WITH 12 MUSICAL NOTES, 7 NOTES WITH 5 INTERMEDIATES (called sharp notes or bflats, which would be the black keys of the piano). We see what musical notes are more present in your voice, what harmony there is between them and we see it in 8 octaves, the piano has 7 octaves.

AN OCTAVE are segments of vibration, slower to faster. Which is the same as from more bass to more acute and goes up the scale. For example from C to B it continues to a more acute C and a smaller and faster wave.


SOUND IS RELATED TO THE COLORS OF VISIBLE LIGHT and the 12 musical notes are scientifically related to the 12 colors of visible light. Everything is related in the electromagnetic scale, since everything is vibration; from sound to radiofrequencies, to visible light up to X and gamma rays. There are 42 octaves between the sound of the MidC Octave of the piano in visible light. In physics when multiplying by two, you raise octaves in the same musical note and dividing by two, comes down octaves, relating everything to everything els in the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

THE HARMONY BETWEEN 6 NOTES IN EXCESS AND 6 WEAK NOTES. We take into account the harmony or coherence between the musical notes and there must be harmony like a yin yang, the disharmonies or inconsistencies between the 12 musical notes related to the organs of the body, their functions and their emotions are valued.

HARMONICS are the waves resulting from the movement of the first fundamental frequency that generates waves as it propagates in space, as observed when throwing a stone in a pond. Only the other way around, instead of opening the waves, they implode, they get smaller inwards as their speed increases, creating an energetic vortex. They are adding the same cycles per second when climbing higher, to a faster and smaller wave. For example, a vibration of 50 hertz or 50 cycles per second goes from 50 in 50 equal to 100,150, 200, 250, 300 until it loses volume. The harmonics give body and quality to the sound and relate everything with everything else in the electromagnetic spectrum. The harmonic envelope of the voice is called Harmonic Signature and depends on the resonant box of the mouth and nose that increases harmonics, turns off others and gives the individual specific tone that recognizes the voice of a person.

RESONANCE, empathy and vibration are treatments that create rhythm and movement within the body. By resonance, the waves find the organs that are of their same size, massage them and activate their functions. The resonance is the correct relationship with everything, it is similarity and when we enter into harmony, which depends on coherence, the movement increases and continues. Coherence is the perfect harmony of all elements, be they colors or musical notes.

LIGHT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BIOCHEMISTRY of everything that exists, creating photosynthesis, the spark of light that burns inside water and creates life. The molecule of Chlorophyll is the same as that of Hemoglobin, only that it contains iron and Chlorophyll, magnesium. We can also make photosynthesis and the body to reorganize inside needs more light, from laser or plasma. The colors are the excess energy of the jump of electrons from one orbit to another, there are 7 orbits maximum in each atom and is completed with 8 electrons, as in the noble gases that do not mix with any other element. The plasma is electrified gas and pure and intense colors arise, being a superior expression of the element fire. The light bulbs have gas inside, for example.

SOUND IS THE VIBRATION THAT GIVES RHYTHM AND MOVEMENT AND GENERATES THE FORM OF OBJECTS. Without movement there is no life. Your voice moves everything inside you as well as the air around you and influences other people. All the frequencies of your voice are the size of the organs of your body, the lowest frequency of your voice is as big as when you open your arms up and legs, it is the size of the field of your body or your aura. The bass sounds of Elephants and whales (the inaudible infrasound) are huge waves that reach kilometers bouncing off the Earth's ionosphere. Likewise, our brain creates or generates Alpha waves as big as your bedroom when you go to sleep and Delta waves as big as the house and the garden with hundreds of meters of projection and that are nourished by the colors. We also have some of these waves when we are awake, but if you look at a light monitor from a computer or a television, Delta waves are always generated, they are biochemical. And they generate colors during sleep and if you stay awake, in wakefulness, with many Delta waves we enter what is called an altered state of consciousness called Nirvana in Meditation. The waves of your brain are the size of radio frequencies, about the size of a grain of salt and the brain emits these too. The frequencies of the harmonics of the voice become as small as a pea, the size of the pineal gland, around 5000 hertz or cycles per second, these waves fit and are modulated by the nostrils that are of that size and are part of the Harmonic Signature of the voice of each individual. We emit sounds according to our size, the birds start at around 1000 hertz.

A COLOR IS ABSORBED AND YOU SEE ITS COMPLEMENTARY, in all the vegetal life the green color is seen because it has absorbed the magenta. This yin yang is the breathing of energy that shows all nature and we use it in this system. The same happens in our body, the arterial blood with oxygen is red and the venous without oxygen is violet indigo that when leaving the body to oxygen it becomes red. The veins look more bluish when seen through the orange skin, its complementary. The inversion of color is the physics of all biochemistry. Discoloring is aging, there is no energy to make that inversion. The eyes vibrate in Terahertz, for example 500 and twelve zeros more cycles per second vibrate the eyes to see the yellow color. The hypothalamus is the adapter that lowers the fast frequencies of the brain and the eyes to the same as the Schumann Resonance of the Earth to be able to inhabit in it , the brain wave are Beta, Alpha, Zeta and Delta.

YOU SEE A COLOR FOR SOME TIME, YOU LOOK AT A WHITE WALL AND IT HAS BECOME A COMPLEMENTARY COLOR. It is the magic of colors and optical effects, still unresolved. It is said that you exhaust the pigment of one color and it becomes the other, precisely its complementary color. Your eyes do the same, a filter of a certain color in the eyes generates its complementary color. Putting a warm red on the skin generates cold blue inside, correcting inflammation and pain.

WE TAKE INTO ACCOUNT PHYSICS BEFORE THE That is why it is the medicine of the future is called ENERGETIC MEDICINE, this software is only preventive medicine. The videos explain the scientific theories and the philosophy behind it, and what we get to understand by taking the algorithm of physics and engineering FFT (The Fourrier Transform converts any sound to frequencies) to its use for health.






As an artist and a sculptor, she has been self-taught in everything she has learned, having been able to give lectures at many universities in the Department of Fine Arts in California, Colorado and New York in the USA. He has also created many events for Peace collaborating with the City Council of Madird and the UN with the Cultural Association Planet Art. She has been a pioneer of the well-known Cranial Sacral Therapy, he had the first school in Spain since 1987 and the Cultural Association of Sacrocraneal in 1990 He has demonstrated mastery and has published books on Psychological and Karmic Astrology and Iching, getting to continue the work of Jose Arguelles to unite the Mayan calendar with the Iching and decipher the Dharma of people and planet Earth, called TzolkinTAO.

Since 1993 she decided to leave the world  of art to devote herself completely to helping the human being and begins to reseach light and sound, being the precursor of many theories of evolution and energy medicine. In 1996 she began with voice analysis as tools to demonstrate his theories and joined them to cranial osteopathy, creating Biosonic Cranial.

In 2000 he created the first software for Biosonic voice spectral analysis, with the Fourfier Transform FFT to pass any frequency sound used by all engineering systems, to be able to incorporate it into future health instruments.

In 2002 to 2006 he has overcome the strongest Leukemia by nuclear radioactivity and had an incompatible transplant of her sister, getting to change the DNA of the blood and demonstrating techniques to solve any problem to overcome the harmful effect of chemotherapy.She overcame all the diagnoses and medical statistics recovering an excellent health.

In 2009 he founded the Soliris Foundation to help in the changes of conscience due to the changes of the sun in our days and made many events with international participants in the headquarters in Mojácar, Almeria. A thousand hours of videos with all their research that gives altruistically to help in these times of change.
In 2017 he founded LUXsoliris SL to create instruments and programs of biotechnology and energy medicine. More of your CV is in


PAST AND FUTURE of the VOICE Analysis program
PAST from 1996 to 2007

The voice analysis as chromatic tuner has been thoroughly investigated by Marysol Gonzalez Sterling since 1996 and in the year 2000 the first version comes out as BiosonicPRO, relating the musical notes with health, organs and acupuncture meridians with total success in its diagnosis . However at the treatment level there could be many more formulas that still have to be tested. It also has many games between people and many functions that are now in this new software with mobile application. Everything that is presented in the bioLUXsonic have been researched with BiosonicPRO. However, it was difficult for the general public, but it was sold all over the world and not much in Spain. In 2007, the current BiosonicFFT version comes out, which is when we can study the VOICE harmonics and relate patterns with nutrients and medicines with other toxics.

 You can also see the Harmonic signature that is the harmonic envelope that belongs to the individual tone of each person. This area belongs to the waves of the size of the mouth and nostrils and the harmonics are modulated by that resonance box.  

In the current program the personalized octaves in each recording, when locating the main octave of fundamental frequencies of a person's voice, personalize the rest of the octaves and relate these octaves to the Chakras that we prefer to name as BioEmotional Centers.


In the current bioLUXsonic program

There are several novelties in the topic of treatments, however, the whole diagnostic issue and its accuracy has already been demonstrated empirically with the BiosonicPRO and BiosonicFFT software.

The novelties in the treatments are the coherence in connection of the visual treatment with the cardiac rhythm and the sound treatment with the respiratory rhythm. By making coherence it is better accepted by the participant.
Now everything that has been learned with previous programs is being automated, which was a major challenge for the user. However, for those who want to continue research, it is recommended that they buy the biosonicFFT that remains for sale.

We have also succeeded in relating the octaves of the voice with the BioEmocionales centers and making mandalas and songs of these that are meaningful and help in the connection with that center.

For the time being, these functions and treatments must be further researched in order to continue with the future professional program, which will be for the medical community and we must collect data as rigorously as possible.

There are thousands of previous recordings, but there are no written reports of the participants and their results, only verbal, so now we will move on to the correct research  and collect the pertinent data of the participants.

With a software divided into 6 MODULES:


This module is oriented to health and its influence by emotions. You can find nutrients and food by relating the molecular weight converted to frequency. Light / color treatments connected to the heart rhythm and sound connected to the breath can be found to create coherence and increase therapeutic results. ADN


This module is oriented to give flexibility by changing your voice towards a more acute register. There are texts of the 12 masteries for each musical note and you can climb evolutionary steps modifying the voice and helping to adapt the habits implanted in the DNA, since that was found to follow the syntax of languages.


this module is designed to give you treatment of acupuncture points in your hands and feet to keep you healthy. Treat light and color spirals on the BioElectric Relays, places of color exchange where a meridian approaches its inverse - which is complementary color - and that they are in the places where we receive more sunlight: face, chest and upper back.


In this module you can see the harmonics of the voice and its octaves; From the lowest bass to the most acute expresses the 8 chakras that help to relate the reactions to the environment with health and emotions to the reactions of the human body. Here are proposed songs and mandalas and treatments with hands toning vowels sounds.


This module makes games to become aware of when you speak how you influence other people and also influence your mood and your health. Your voice creates movement within the body, which is necessary for health. It is important to know how with your voice you can influence the health of the people closest to you and your own.


In this module you create personalized music according to your voice. This music benefits you by eliminating the musical notes in excess, and increasing the weak ones and helping you to tone and chant those notes (weak) to achieve harmony between all the musical notes and managing to maintain coherence and enthusiasm for everything in life.